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You need good data to power great impacts

Stories that Count

You have dozens of stories to tell about the great work that you've done. Behind each story are a dozen more that are just as important. Show this with your data.

Have the Answers

Your board wants to know how much you've achieved this quarter. Your funder wants to know the outcome of their grant. Your staff wants to know what their work means. Your data has the answers.

Be your Best Self

It's time to grow. You have new funding, or a new all-star contributor. Which of your programs has the most impact? Where can you get the most bang for your buck? Don't guess. Know.

Your data is yours and yours alone

At Peach Pie Apps Workshop, our philosophy is that data has value. And the value of your data is yours.

You will always own your data and get to decide what to do with it. We want to empower you to gather data about your operation and guide you toward understanding what your data means and how best to use it.

We are here to serve you. That's why you pay us! Our services are not - and will never be - subsidized by a sale of your operational data.

The only data we will gather and use for ourselves is metadata about how you use our sites and services to make sure that we can always deliver the most effective service to you. But the fate of the data that you and your team input or upload will always remain in your hands.

Let us help you

Unleash your Data


It's right there in the title! Peach Pie Apps Workshop is, first and foremost, an apps company. We are best equipped to help you by delivering thoroughly-tested, high-quality, high-performance, secure, and mobile-ready web applications for your teams to build and analyze your data.

With 15+ years of experience in application architecture and development, and over 10 years of experience working specifically in the world of non-profits and higher education, our team is superbly equipped to provide top-of-the-line apps for you.

Learn more about our apps...

Ad-Hoc Consulting

We have years of experience in management and consulting specializing in analyzing business practices, strategic planning, data collection and analysis, and implementing continuous improvement. We have a raft of successful strategic initiatives under our belts from our work at UCLA, Stanford University, NEW Economics for Women, and more.

We would love to share our experience with you and would be thrilled to engage you in ad-hoc consulting services to meet your particular requirements.

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